Sim grew up finding places to Rollerblade with his mates.  In this self-made tribe, brought together by the freedom their sport gave to them, Sim became a recognised expert.  By 16, he was featured on the cover of Unity Magazine and traveled to California on several sponsored tours.

It was during one of these trips that Sim broke his hip, ribs, and arm in a serious blading accident.  During his rehabilitation, he began to document his mates rollerblading and competing.  A new passion emerged.

Sim began sharing his work on Vimeo, and has been awarded several Staff Picks.  His work is frequently referenced and recognised by other film-makers.  In one example Sim was chosen by the Creative Director at Lululemon, himself a US based film-maker, to create the brand’s first UK film. 

In 2017 Sim began shooting a series of intimate portraits for the Outdoor travel brand Millican. Since then Sim has become a Millican ambassador and continues to create their film content moving into 2019.   He lives in Brighton and when not film-making, is most often found documenting himself and friends bouldering in a remote forest somewhere.  
Sim has made films for some of the worlds leading ad agencies for brands such as Google, Sony, Osprey, Purina, Finisterre, Bulmers, Lululemon and many more as he continues to appeal to those seeking honest narratives set in nature.  
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