Here can be anywhere on your journey. Here doesn't define the end, but of possibilities for a new beginning. Outdoor therapist Ruth Allen (, invites us to travel beyond 4 walls and step into nature, where we can heal, experience and take the next steps on our path.
"A journey outdoors can reflect the inner journey we go through…"
At Millican we believe every journey has meaning. | @homeofmillican
Ruth Allen | @whitepeak_ruth |
Carim Nahaboo | @carim_nahaboo
Athena Mellor | @athenamellor
Jim Marsden | @jimmarsdenphotography

Director | Shooter | Editor - Sim Warren |

Creative Director | Producer - Jeffrey Bowman
Executive Producer - Jorrit Jorritsma
Concept Development - Sim Warren & Jeffrey Bowman

Sound Design - James Locke-hart
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